Editors, Illustrators, Consultants and more…

The writers and book consultants you can find on this page are professionals who work at their art and depend upon the income. You will need to be in touch with them directly and not through this web page. In many cases you will find the terms of employment and the cost of the service. When you contact an artist, you may discuss hiring them and you can discuss with the whether or not there is the opportunity to barter.

Book Consultant:  Jake at loringltd@capecod.net

Self-publishing:  Jake at loringltd@capecod.net

Script critique: Jake at loringltd@capecod.net

$1.00 a page includes complete reading with email discussion of overall story and format issues. Minimum cost: $50

$2.00 a page includes complete reading and sit down discussion of story, character and format. Minimum cost: $150

(references available)

Editor: Participants in my classes get tired of me preaching about the need, the essential requirement, that all books before they are considered for publication, must be fully edited by a professional. Soon I will begin to list Cape editors I know and have worked with. Save your pennies, cause editing isn’t inexpensive, but as I mentioned it is essential to a presentable manuscript.

Publishers: I work with writers who plan to publish their books with traditional publishing houses, with vanity presses and on their own. My classes teach several different methods from Stables and Kinkos to Quercuspublishing to iUniverse and AuthorHouse to large main stream publishers like Penguin.

Several local writers have worked with Lisa at www.quercuspublishing.com and been very happy.  On the Quercuspublishing.com web site you will find a newly published book by Robert Ellis from Falmouth. A copy of the beautiful cover can be seen on the site. I edited this sweet book and was so impressed at the work Bob did that I offered to write a blurb for the back cover.  

Lisa emailed to say she is looking for an intern. If you are interested, go to the site and click on Contact Us.

Soon I will list the books of authors I have supported through the publication of their book and give you more information about the options that seemed to work for them.

Illustrator: Writers of children’s book ask me frequently about art work. The simple truth is that if you publish a children’s book with a traditional publisher, they will chose the artist/illustrator. If you want to control the illustrations, consider self-publishing. I will add to this site Cape Cod artist and illustrators I know.

Ghost Writers: Recently, I was able to connect a local man who had a wonderful, unique family story that needed to be told with a ghost writer out of state who was looking to write with someone. The Cape man provided the story and the ghost writer researched additional information and wrote the draft manuscript for him to proof. After many months working together the novel is about to be published. Does this interest you? More information about local writers who would ghost write your story will be posted her soon.

Scribe:  Do you need your work typed?

Many writers continue to work on typewriters and of course with pen or pencil. Having your work on the computer allows for many options including publication. Coming soon will be the names of people who can help you get your work onto your computer, on a CD, a flashdrive or ready to print.